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Landlord's Responsibilities

  • If there is a residential mortgage on the property you will need to contact your lender & ask for permission.
  • Require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Obtain a gas safety certificate from a Gas Safe registered gas plumber (annually)
  • Ensure safety of all electrical appliances we require a certificate for Portable Appliance Test (PAT test) & Fixed Wiring Test (FWT) from a qualified electrician. (This is not required by law but is considered 'Best Practice' and 2roost require this as part of their terms & conditions) required annually.
  • The gas and electrical certificates must be given to the agent and tenant before the start of the tenancy.
  • Check that all furniture conforms with the Fire & Safety regulations 1988 – check the furniture for relevant labels and remove unsuitable items.
  • It is advised any internal doors have safety glass.
  • Any polystyrene tiles must be removed as they give off toxic fumes.
  • If the property is Leasehold you will need permission from the Lessee.
  • Mains operated smoke detectors must be fitted to all floors.
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors are considered best practice.
  • Landlords will require insurance which cover you for public liability (we can arrange a competitive quote for you)
  • 2roost will prepare a Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (usually for six months)
  • The gardens should be well maintained when tenants move in and you should leave the tools for them to maintain this.It follows therefore that a well presented and maintained property in a good decorative order will go towards this, whilst also achieving a higher rental figure. Tenants are also more inclined to treat such a property with greater respect.
  • Personal possessions, ornaments, pictures, books etc. should be removed from the premises, especially those of real or sentimental value. Some items may be boxed, sealed and stored in the loft at the owner's risk. All cupboards and shelf space should be left clear for the Tenant's own use.
  • It is helpful if you leave information for the Tenant, e.g. on operating the central heating and hot water system, washing machine and alarm system, and the day refuse is collected etc.
  • You should provide one set of keys for each Tenant. Where we will be managing we will arrange to have duplicates cut as required.
  • When resident in the UK, it is entirely the Landlord's responsibility to inform the Revenue & Customs of rental income received, and to pay any tax due. Where the Landlord is resident outside the UK during a tenancy, he will require an exemption certificate from the Revenue & Customs before he can receive rental balances without deduction of tax. Where we are managing the property we will provide advice and assistance on applying for such exemption.