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Another FANTASTIC sales month by the 2roost team

With 47 Properties sold this month 2 Roost are the Number 1 selling agent for June 2016


We have sold the following properties in these areas...

S2 - Dagnam Place, Arbourthorne Road

S3 - Millsands

S8 - Derbyshire Lane

S9 - Main Road, Goore Road, Taunton Avenue

S10 - Manchester Road x2

S12 - Pleasant Road, Spa View Road, Farm View Drive

S13 - Furnace Lane, Ballifield Place, Rodman Street, Smelterwood Way, Hollis Croft, Holbrook Drive, Smelterwood Place, Birklands Avenue, Finchwell Crescent

S20 - Royston Avenue, Grange Road

S21 - Manor Road, Foxcroft Drive

S25 - Kendal Avenue, Keats Drive

S26 - Pigeon Bridge Way, Jay Lane, Cotswold Drive, Wetherby Drive, Hall Road, Dove Lane, West Lane, Goosecarr Lane x2, Swallow wood Road, Broadbridge Close, Wentworth Avenue, Worksop Road

S36 - Carr Road

S60 - Pringle Road, Woodlands, Treetown Crescent, Maryhill Close

S63 - Wetmoor Lane

S66 - Sawn Moor Avenue